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Galandoo is the ultimate Lifestyle Shopping experience. A must go shop for Lifestyle People, who express their personality through things they do and clothes their wear to any occasion.

Zoom in and find out, what wide range of exciting products Galandoo offers. Complete your look or do a total make over with selected dresses, skirts, tops, shirts, pants and jackets from European and international brands, like FIGL, Laura Scott and Lipsy. Make sure you add our fantastic knee highs and stockings to your look.

A wide range of lingerie and garments, to complete your look also underneath your clothes, from various brands like Livco Corsetti, Anais, Hamana, Milena by Paris and Passionata, just to name a few. Select your personal piece, be it a baby doll, a charming cami set or a glamorous bra and thong, with a sensual garter belt. Also here, stockings are a must have item to be gorgeous from top to toe.


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  Jewellery tray made ??of brown leather with a variety of compartments in differe..
  Zip cufflink case with 12 compartments. Size: 14,5 x 16 x 4,5 cm Colour: Black..
  Cufflink case with 9 compartments. Size: 15,5 x 17 x 5 cm Colour: Black Made ..
  Tie box for 8 ties, compartments for cufflinks and tie pins. Cover with mirror i..
  Leather safe box, featuring a jewellery pouch and roll, ring bar, ruffled bag, h..
  Jumbo Jewel case with 2 combination locks, featuring ring bars, 7 drawers: 2 sma..
  Ring Box, featuring a glass lid, ring pillows and 20 storage compartments. Size..